• Our Story

Our Story

Established in 2008 from small beginnings United is the brain child of 4 passionate individuals with a dream. 

They envisioned becoming leading distributors to the Australian retail market and now United is a household name
recognised for its innovation, design and outstanding customer service.  From our headquarters in Melbourne we distribute
and supply thousands of household SKUs to some of Australia and New Zealand’s major and independent retail partners.

Our company and talented people are dedicated to providing our customers with end to end retail solutions
synonymous with our brand.  We focus on offering great products that are affordable and trending.

2018 sees the introduction of our new corporate logo that embodies our company values and our story, the Octagon.  
An 8 sided symbol signifying our extensive range of household brand categories including storage,
laundry and bathroom, cleaning, home décor, outdoor living, pets, party and kitchen.

Welcome to UNITED.

Our People

Ramy Meseha

All about the

A visionary and entrepreneur.

Motivated by brand and product development he thrives on driving the United team and their business partners to success.

Why United?

Together we face the trials and celebrate the victories.

Dory Zeine

All round nice guy, all about

With an accounting background and over 15 years in retail and merchandising experience, he has developed a keen eye for value and a great passion for everyday items.

Why United?

 Ambitious People...  Infectious Passion...  Inspired Products!

Lena Lee

The KEY to the VAULT

With 30 years of finance experience she is money wise and thoroughly fair with perpetually balanced books.

Enthusiasm + CPA + P&L + Balance Sheet + GST = Passion.

Why United?

It's always a good day because we work hard while having a laugh.

Lindsay Savannah


All about outcomes he is customer solutions driven with a sharp wit and an analytical mind.

His extensive sales and marketing experience and down to earth persona has made him one of the most renowned faces at United.

Why United?

We are passionate, innovative and not scared to take on the hard challenges. 

Ronald Suryadi

Our Very own Director of Digital Innovation!

With over 15 years of experience in wholesale & retail, he is all over everything IT for our business. This allows us to be at the forefront of our industry - Ronald ensures we provide an uncompromised service level to clients when it comes to tech!

When not working, his head is still in tech land, listening to Pod Casts, Online tutorials or even Classical Music.

He is well known around the office for his unusual ring tones & love of gaming key boards!

Why United?

The people, the culture, the journey. With United being only 10 years young means big challenges with huge potential to grow in the future. 

Paul Egan

Passionate about 

Lively and enthusiastic he moves things from here to there and everywhere!

Vast experience in warehouse management, logistics and supply chain he is straight to the point and a strong believer that the early bird gets the worm.

Why United?

We're a team dedicated to success.

Amanda Galea

Eye for TALENT

With a broad background in people and culture her efforts are continuously enriching our company customs.

From recruitment and development through to empowering and encouraging via ongoing support she is an integral part of the team. 

Why United?

I see our business evolve through the hearts and minds of our people.

Our Facilities

A Warehouse with a BUZZ

Purposely designed distribution centre
facilitating an efficient workflow.  

1000’s of pallets in and millions of products out.
High-tech advanced warehousing operations
with RF and EDI capabilities powered by the
most customer focused crew in the game. 

Our Space

Warm and collaborative, a place where great
ideas are born and turned into reality. 

Our office nurtures individuality whilst having
an open plan to inspire collaboration and
strengthening communication.

Our space is a vast showroom showcasing our products
our skill set and is one where our people feel at home.


We work hard. 

We are strong believers in taking a break
to recharge our creative minds and stay
focused on the job at hand.

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